MICDS Geo-Squirt Natural Disaster/Severe Weather Investigation Project

(dedicated to the Claret School, Quezon City, the Philippines)

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The MICDS Middle School

This site will be devoted to helping 5th Grade Geography students at MICDS understand how geography shapes their own lives as well as the lives of people around the world through the study of severe weather and natural disasters.
We were prompted to undertake this study after following the plight of the students at the Claret School in Quezon City as they struggled through multiple typhoons along with the rest of the people of the Philippines.
Our general focus will be to investigate how people everywhere adjust their lives due to the the influence of natural events in their geographic region. Specifically we are going to look into how people prepare for the wide range of natural threats that they might be faced with year in and year out.

On Jan. 20 the 5th Grade at MICDS raised $975.25 for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The money was sent to Doctors Without Borders.

Red Cross Speaker Visits MICDS

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Twister Drill @MICDS

Initial Project Goals:

Project 1 will be a personal interview with a individual who has experienced a significant severe weather event or a natural disaster.
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Project 2 will be a series of public service videos that the MICDS students will prepare for their school to educate the entire student body about procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake or a tornado. (expected date Jan. 10)

Project 3 will be an effort by the MICDS 5th grade to purchase and store Red Cross emergency preparedness kits in classrooms. (expected date Jan-Feb 10)

Project 4 will be an ongoing effort to collect stories and anecdotes from our partner schools around the world about what natural events they find themselves preparing for and how such events influence how they live their lives.

Typoon, Ondoy in the Philippines
Photo taken by Claret School teacher Mr. Rox Cosico